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Custom 12 Volt DC – diesel-fired water heaters and accessories for Hydrovac trucks

Cutom Manufacturing

Hydrovac excavation trucks are construction vehicles used to safely excavate a broad range of underground utilities. Natural gas lines, telephone communication lines, fibre-optic cabling, posthole digging, pipe line trenching can all be excavated in much less than time than normal methods by using hydro excavation equipment and saving thousands of dollars.

Hydrovac trucks use high-pressure pumps (as much as 6,000 PSI) to turn the ground to a liquid that is easily vacuumed away for safe ground excavation. By using high pressure jetting and hot water fired by the Hotmatic Cleaning Systems 12 Volt Diesel Fired Heater, excavation contractors can excavate year round even with frozen ground conditions.

Hotmatic Cleaning Systems custom manufactures 12 Volt DC, Diesel Fired Heaters are available in 2 different models for easy installation. Giant High Pressure Pumps are used with these 12 volt DC Diesel Fired heater units by Vacuum Truck and Hydrovac truck manufacturers across North America.

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