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Hotsy Hot Water Pressure Washers clean much faster, cutting through grease & grime

Hotsy hot water washers Download the 9 things you should know before buying a pressure washer

Hotsy hot water pressure washers are the most powerful and effective washers on the market. Hot water cleans much deeper and faster than a cold water washer because the hot water penetrates oily, greasy residues by breaking down its molecular structure. It’s similar to how hot water cleans greasy dishes in the sink - cold water just doesn’t cut it.

Hotsy hot water pressure washers are available in a variety of formats, from portable to stationary, and electric powered to gas engine powered. With hot water power washers, another power source is needed to fire the burner that heats the water. Choose from electric, diesel fuel, LP-Gas Fired or Natural Gas-fired.

Hotsy hot water pressure washers are equipped with warranties unsurpassed in the industry. Heating coils come with a 5-year warranty while Hotsy high-pressure pumps feature a 7-year warranty. As with all Hotsy hot water pressure washers, models are CSA approved and have passed vigorous safety testing.

Please learn more about Hotsy Hot Water Pressure Washers, by selecting the Power Type you are interested in:

Electric Powered:
500 Series Pressure Washer
700 Series Pressure Washer
800 Series Pressure Washer
Model 895SS Pressure Washer
900 Series Pressure Washer
1400 Series Pressure Washer
1800 Series Pressure Washer
5700 / 5800 Series Pressure Washer
HWE Series Pressure Washer
Gas/Diesel Powered:
Gas Engine Pressure Washer
1200 Series Pressure Washer
1200 Series Pressure Washer
HSS Series Pressure Washer

The team at Hotsy Cleaning Systems is highly qualified to assist with your hot water pressure washer selection. Contact the location nearest you in Cambridge or Toronto and see why Nothing Cleans Like a Hotsy!

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