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Hotmatic Multi-Stage Cleaning Systems to meet your needs

Hotmatic Multi-Stage Cleaning Systems

In many cleaning applications there is a need for more than one person to be cleaning at the same time. Multi-Stage Cleaning systems allow the use of several operators on a centralized system at the same time.

Multi-Stage Cleaning System – What is it? A Multi-Stage Cleaning System is a combination of electric motors and high pressure pumps that are controlled by a master control monitor. The system is designed in such a way that as soon as there is demand for high pressure cleaning, it starts the required number of motor/pumps to meet the demand and conversely, as the demand for high pressure cleaning is not required, the electric motor/pumps phase out and turn off.

Multi-Stage Cleaning System – How does it function? Once the system is activated, pressurized water exits the system and moves into the entire high pressure piping system to pre-selected washing stations. Washing stations consist of a quick connect to the system pipeline, high pressure washing hose (up to 3,000 PSI), high pressure trigger control gun, high pressure washing wand and a high pressure spray nozzle.

If desired cleaning compounds are required, they can be easily injected at any of the pre-selected washing stations by inserting a chemical intake valve at any selected washing station.

The entire system is “FLOW” activated, in that the system starts up upon engaging any trigger control gun, at any of the selected washing stations. Once a trigger gun is activated, a series of flow switches sense a demand for high pressure water and signals the master electronic control to start the system. Depending upon the demand for high pressure water and the number of system operators, the system will deliver high pressure water to as many operators as the system has capacity for. A master system electronic timer shuts the system down after a pre-selected timer interval, normally 10 to 20 seconds, if there is no demand for high pressure cleaning.

Why a Multi-Stage Cleaning System?

  • A centralized Hotmatic Multi-Stage cleaning system offers the flexibility of any pump/motor combinations for any number of washing operators.
  • A Hotmatic Multi-Stage cleaning system can be engineered to be used with a Natural Gas, Propane or an Electric exchanger. These heat exchangers are demand type heaters and only heat the water when there is demand for HOT water.
  • A Hotmatic Multi-Stage cleaning system is highly cost-effective and very productive for larger type cleaning applications.

Where is a Hotmatic Multi-Stage Cleaning System used?

Automotive Car dealerships
Truck Repair Facilities
Food Processing facilities
Meat Rendering plants
Waste Management cleaning facilities
Oil Rigging operation centres
Winery operations
Pharmaceutical companies
Pulp and Paper processing facilities
Cargo Fleet Shipping
Oil, Gas and Mining operations

Hotmatic Multi-Stage cleaning systems offer the most advanced technology and the most flexibility for any particular custom cleaning where multi cleaning operators are a must! Contact us for a quote on a custom Multi-Stage cleaning system.

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