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Hotsy Cleaning Systems – 20 Years of Experience

Hotsy Cleaning Systems started in 1988…

While locally we’ve been providing cleaning equipment for over 20 years, our namesake, Hotsy, began in 1970. In "pressure washer years" three decades is a lifetime. And for Hotsy it's been a lifetime of innovation, quality, and unmatched performance.

Today Hotsy is North America's premier brand of industrial pressure washers with a broad line of hot water pressure washers and cold-water models designed for the toughest of cleaning jobs. Over the Hotsy lifetime, Hotsy has successfully created:

  • Nearly 100 models of hot-water pressure washers engineered with Hotsy's trademark high-efficiency upright burner and coil for maximum heat transfer
  • The most rugged high-pressure pump in the industry--the Hotsy Pump, providing rugged durability and a 7-year warranty
  • An extensive selection of cost-effective detergents designed specifically to help pressure washers clean faster and better
  • Thousands of pressure washer parts and accessories to further enhance high-pressure cleaning
  • An innovative design in automatic aqueous parts washers with both top- and front-load models to handle virtually every size of part.

Thirty years has been good to the cleaning industry. Thirty years has given us a Hotsy lifetime of innovation and quality.

CLEANING SYSTEMS A Division of Hotario Manufacturing Inc.

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