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Hotsy Detergents for Automatic Parts Washers

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We offer a variety of Hotsy Detergents exclusively designed for use in automatic parts washers. These fully biodegradable detergents remove grease, oils and other contaminants from a number of surfaces. Parts washer detergents are aqueous based and ideal for using with Hotsy parts washers.

Many Hotsy parts washer soaps contain advanced defoamers to control foaming in the machine sump as well as rust and corrosion inhibitors to protect your machine and parts. Varieties include general purpose cleaners, all-purpose cleaners as well as specialty formulation for cleaning aluminum, alloy, iron and steel. Not sure which parts washer chemical you need? No problem.

Contact the team at Hotsy Cleaning Systems for help in choosing your parts washer detergent. We’ll pair you with the best product to meet your needs. We have two locations in Ontario - Toronto and Cambridge.

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