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Clean parts with ease – Automatic Parts Washers are big time-savers!

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If your company regularly cleans engine parts, components, hydraulics, or any other dirty parts, investing in an automatic parts washer will save both time and money. Why waste time scrubbing parts by hand or soaking parts in harmful solvents, when you can wash them automatically?

We are the authorized dealer in Ontario for Cuda and JRI parts washers, two of the biggest names in automatic cabinet and conveyor style aqueous parts washers. Our selection of parts washers includes those with a small footprint, taking up little room on the shop floor, to those large enough for an entire engine block. Conveyor style washers are great for manufacturing and industries needing in line cleaning.

Automatic parts washers quickly pay for themselves – in billable service hours and in increased productivity as workers can focus on other tasks, while parts are being cleaned. Contact the team at Hotsy Cleaning Systems to learn more about our parts washer sizes and electrical configurations. We are the parts washer experts for Ontario, with locations in Cambridge and Toronto.

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