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Pressure Washer Service Plans and Tune-Ups... a good way to extend the life

Pressure Washer Service Plans

Regular tune-ups are a great way to keep your pressure washer running smoothly and efficiently. Often, a tune-up will uncover problems before they occur, saving you from costly down-time.

Hotsy Cleaning Systems offers several scheduled maintenance plans, designed specifically for you. Whether you use your pressure washer daily, or only a few times a month, preventative measures will extend the life, and we can design a maintenance plan that meets your needs.

Our Pressure Washer Tune-Ups are very thorough. Among the items our service technician reviews are the following:

  • Check nozzles, replace if worn
  • Check pump crankcase oil and top off if required
  • Adjust burner for best combustion
  • Check engine fuel filter cartridge, clean out or replace if necessary
  • Adjust belt tension
  • Check unloader adjustment
  • Check pump pressure and volume
  • Check hoses for wear or damage
  • Inspect wire connections
  • Check thermostat for proper cycling
  • Check gun and wand grips for wear or damage
  • Check for coil sooting and scaling
  • Check for contaminated fuel tank and flush if required
  • Check detergent supply and metering valve
  • Inspect quick couplers
  • Check voltage and amp draw
  • Check engine spark plugs and replace if necessary

We also perform tune-ups on automatic parts washers and pumping systems. If you want to learn more about our scheduled maintenance plans, or need to schedule a tune-up, call the cleaning professionals at Hotsy Cleaning Systems in Toronto or Cambridge We are the experts in Ontario!

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